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As a resident of the North Hills area since 1997, my mother worked to instill a tireless work ethic in me from a very young age. While working full-time as a single parent, my younger brother and I were fortunate enough to get to watch her graduate with her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Robert Morris University. Having her as a role model, still to this day, has taught me to always strive for more and take away something positive out of every experience you are given.

After graduating from North Allegheny high school, I completed my bachelor’s degree at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2012, double majoring in accounting and finance.  From there, I sought out opportunities to broaden my work experience in my respective fields, including as staff accountant and compliance auditor.

Over the last five years, I have worked as a state revenue auditor, specializing in sales and use tax. This experience has allowed me to gain insight and understanding the application of tax law and the value of the delicate working relationship between businesses and the government.

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I believe that we need to take a proactive approach to mental health advocacy and working to provide better access to mental health care. Working to destigmatize mental health is a long overdue and crucial step in improving the quality of life for Pennsylvanians. One of the ways I believe we can achieve this is by working to expand the availability of Mental Health First Aid training.

Mental Health First Aid takes the fear and hesitation out of starting conversations about mental health and substance use problems.  This training can give someone the skills they need to reach out and provide the initial help and support to someone who may be experiencing a mental health crisis.



Pennsylvania has some of the most antiquated and unnecessarily complex laws pertaining to the sale and distribution of alcohol. The barriers to bring new products to market in Pennsylvania are impossibly high for many smaller wine makers and distillers. By opening the wine and liquor market to private retailers, Pennsylvanians would have access to better selections and less hassle navigating the current system of state stores that charge higher prices compared to surrounding states.



While many candidates in today’s political climate are pitching their versions of “free” healthcare, I believe we can have the greatest impact by targeting a single healthcare objective, starting with diabetes, and expanded access to insulin.

Mexico and Canada pay up to 90-95% less for insulin than consumers in the US. My vision for confronting this issue is for Pennsylvania to facilitate the direct sale of insulin from manufacturers directly to pharmacies. By removing the unnecessary “middle men,” we can begin to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, such as insulin.



You don’t have to look very far to see a glaring example of our state’s crumbling infrastructure. To ensure a prosperous future for our residents and businesses, Pennsylvania needs to create a plan to invest in and vastly overhaul our roads, bridges, and storm sewers.



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